Imaginary world


If you want to be accepted to IIESK.

1. You must not be scared of (CIA or FBI)

2. You must not be scared of consequences

3. You must not be afraid to lose loved people

4. Don’t be scared of the government

5. Don’t ever betray IIESK or you’ll see what happens

IIESK is a criminal organization (Mafia)

so you will be unknown, nobody can know who you are, where you’re from or anything about you

In IIESK you will only exchange stock keys for $1000,000 dollars, 100,000 euros or 1000,000,000 pesos. Never obey corrupt policemen or anybody with a suit except if they have a IIESK permission paper. Always inspect everybody before sitting down and coming in. If they are a police or have a gun, kill them or call us (IIESK)  . You will be paid 300,000 dollars every six months.

IIESK-International Illegal Exchange of Stock Keys

If an IIESK paper has a signature or ID the paper is fake

Don’t ever trust anybody including us (IIESK)

We never say names

Or age

Or ID  

I’m making an imaginary world so IIESK is a criminal organization

This is my imaginary world’s secret police department

SPD-Secret Police Department

SPD is secret only the president knows about SPD. SPD is only after IIESK they don’t know IIESK’s name they just know there’s a criminal organization out there. SPD is the best police department in the world. All the policemen in SPD are specialists, agents, soldiers and detectives. SPD is also the best school for soldiers, agents, detectives and policemen. SPD has at least 200, 000 policemen.

One comment on “Imaginary world

  1. jxxcarlson says:

    IIESK: sounds scary!

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