Movie review of The smurfs


The smurfs was an okay movie. The only thing I thought it is that it was too predictable and it did not have any suspense. It’s just like almost every other Hollywood films, The main character encounters a person, alien, monster, etc. but the main character doesn’t want them. Then the main character starts growing fond about the person,alien or monster, next they’re in a fight and then finally the main character goes after the person, monster or alien and gets them back or saves them from death.

2 comments on “Movie review of The smurfs

  1. Beauty says:

    That predictable, huh? No wonder I haven’t seen the movie or have heard much about it. I’m not sure if I want to see it now. Not even my co-workers at DISH have said much about the movie. I know that my daughter might like it but me, not so much. She got some of The Smurfs as her McDonald’s toy and has been begging to see the movie. I do only pay $10.00 a month for the Blockbuster Movie Pass just for being an existing DISH customer, so I don’t think it would hurt to get it in the mail. I just use it to stream on demands anyways. I really hope she at least enjoys it.

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