Tribute to my grandpa


I love my Grandpa. Unfortunately he died in 2008 now that I have this blog I would like to thank him for teaching me how to drive a golf car, how to play golf and also how to build. I remember when my dad told me my Grandpa was sick at first I just looked up and then my eyes started getting wet and I started crying. When I came to visit my Grandpa I remember seeing him with an oxygen tank and a tube over his nose. My Grandpa was fragile and shaking and then when I was going to go back home I remember hugging him at his bed and crying over his shoulder I knew he was going to die. Then I think like 3 weeks later my dad called me and he said Glen passed away so I asked my dad “He fainted?” then my dad said no he died. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and then started crying. Glen was a great grandpa and a great man. He taught me a lot of things and also he has made me who I am now. I will always keep my Grandaddy in my heart. I miss you Grandpa. I remember learning how to read with my Grandpa, I also remember making my favorite toy with him. The toy was a giant cardboard box and Grandpa and I cut a mouth on it, some eyes and a nose the we both painted it. Then another time we built a wonderful clay T-rex dinosaur with him. I also remember building with my Grandpa the table of my dad’s and my workshop table. My Grandpa was like a small kid inside of a grown body I love my Grandpa!!!! He was a great engineer. My grandpa was the best!!!!

Thanks Grandpa for everything

6 comments on “Tribute to my grandpa

  1. NGCine says:

    This is the most beautiful tribute I have read on a grandpa. you are lucky to have met such a great man, and he was lucky to have such a nice grandson.

  2. mar7777 says:

    I really like what you say about your Grandpa, I know this is the way you feel.

  3. Sarah Carlson says:

    i love you dylan, thankyou. sally

  4. Alex H says:

    Pelotita tq quiero mucho, eres super lindo.

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