Grrr ….

Plaster tape

How to make a mask. (1) Start with a plastic mold. You can get these at an art supply store like Dick Blick’s. (2) Put plaster tape on. Dip it in water first. Let the tape dry. (3) Usually I paint the mask after it dries. (4) But this time I added more shape with modelling clay. (See below).

OK internet searchers now I have a problem for you … what can I put on the clay so that I can paint it?? Hey, I appreciate any suggestions!!

I wanted this mask to be scary (Grrrr!!!) That’s why it has one eye open and one eye shut, and why it has little spikes on the nose. Oh, I forgot something. You can use your own face as a mold. This is fun, but it makes a big mess. Clean up afterwards or you will get in trouble. Ha ha! I know!!

If you like making masks, then you should watch the Face Off TV Show. It is one of my favorites. But I feel bad when the contestants have to leave the show.

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