Tribute to my turtle Humphrey


Well this tribute is for my turtle Humphrey he died 2 days ago. I called my turtle after my favorite actor Humphrey Bogart my turtle Humphrey was such a great turtle he would walk on grass and fell asleep every minute and also Humphrey was very cute. My turtle Humphrey was sick even when the pet store gave it to me it had a very soft shell and also it didn’t eat anything I gave him Vitamin A and also Calcium that what the vets told me to do but unfortunately it did not work. I love how Humphrey always would walk in my arm and tickle me. Well I hope Humphrey rests in peace and also in his magic reptile heaven. I really miss Humphrey but everyone on day has to go. I have no photo of Humphrey but remember Humphrey as the best turtle of all turtles history.

One comment on “Tribute to my turtle Humphrey

  1. NGCine says:

    Humphrey … i am sure is on Sam’s piano sharing a drink with Bogart … in turtle heaven …

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