Scientists need to re-think.


I have a question about astronomy that’s making me desperate to ask. Here it goes, scientists say that time and space was created when the Big-Bang exploded and created the universe, but how did an explosion start without time and space. Because if there wasn’t any time or space before how could something happen, because  when there is no time everything is frozen so nothing can happen, so how did the Big-Bang explode without time or space existing before. So practically my question is how did something occur without time and space? or did the Big-Bang create time and space?. Put your head around this, internet bloggers. You have homework!

3 comments on “Scientists need to re-think.

  1. Sarah Carlson says:

    well, i read an article n the nytimes recently that that theory was now in disrepute, that it’s really just part of some cycle that keeps happening over and over again. n any case, we are part of whatever the big thing is, which is why, i figure we can’t wrap out head around it, because it contains us. how about consciousness as a property of the universe?

  2. tlayolohtli says:

    Hi! You should see a documentary called The Elegant Universe, with Brian Greene. It explains how some people think our universe is part of a membrane (or brane) with many other parallel universes on other branes. Some suggest that when two branes touch each other it creates a ‘Big Bang’. This theory also has its weak points and the documentary is already about 9 years old, still, it shows how many scientists are still trying to get their head around it!!

    Check it out:

  3. tlayolohtli says:

    You should also check out stuff by Neil deGrasse Tyson because he’s pretty awesome.

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