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My blog is just for people to get entertained. Also for people to  learn and watch things. I have many blogs and I am 31416kungfu. WARNING!  In this blog there’s humorous content and huge spelling mistakes.WARNING!  If you don’t have humor and you’re serious this blog is lethal for you

Thanks note:

Every blogger that has seen and liked my blog I would like to thank you all for looking at my blog and liking it. Thanks bloggers so much. I wish you good luck. I would also like to thank my family for making me who I am now. Also all the inspiration around the world and also Wikipedia, CNN and Imdb who have helped get all my resources in knowledge for my blog.

17 comments on “My blog

  1. epsilon says:

    I love this blog— I will come and visit everyday

    • 31416kungfu says:

      Thanks for your comment Epsilon. Glad you like my blog.

      Ha ha ha ha LOL= Laugh out Loud.

      • epsilon says:

        I heard a funny show on NPR. A man, a father, got a text message from his son saying LOL. The father thought it meant “Lots of Love”. He started texting too and put LOL at the end of many messages. Like when someone died. Eventually the son clued the father in. Was he ever embarrassed. But the two of them kept signing their messages to each other LOL. The father said that love is also about laughter, so either way, LOL works.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is a wonderful blog — I enjoy the photos and fake news — keep on writing

  3. Giulia says:

    This blog is AMAZING!

  4. Michelle Akser says:

    First time for me and cannot wait to read it daily.

  5. Rabeah says:

    This is a fantastic blog. I will definitely become a regular visitor. Keep up the good work!

  6. Irina V. says:

    This blog is really cool! I found your art projects and your thoughts are very interesting. Keep posting
    and good luck in your future art endeavors.

  7. Raquel DiNunzio says:


    I enjoy your blog!


  8. Jorge says:

    Hi There,
    Fantastic blog, great ideas and love your vision in terms of photography. You have an extraordinary eye for catching images.
    Really sorry about your turtle. I know how it feels when you lose someone you love and you don’t even have a picture.
    Have a good day,

  9. Sarah Carlson says:

    your blog is fun!

  10. adsanabria86 says:

    very cool pics! is a really fun blog 😉

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