names of animals that don’t exist

Argehuit- He has a big body a small nose and a medium size head. His brain is half the size of an ostrich brain. The  Argehutis are 3 meters high and 7 meters long. Argehuits eats wasps or bees and also cement. Argehuits is the combination of an elephant, a bear and a mole.

Betuiraghov- He has a small body and a small head. His brain is twice as big as an Argehuit. The Betuiraghovs are 60 centimeters long and 31 centimeters high. Betuiraghovs eats bacteria and dead insects especially flies and lice. Betuiraghovs is the combination of a cockroach and a rat

Hergo- He has a 5 centimeter body and a 6 centimeter head. His brain is one pint of an Argehuit’s brain. The Hergoes  are 5 centimeters long and 7 centimeters high. Hergoes is the combination a lice and a bedbug. Hergoes especially like to eat hair, silk and dead bacteria or dead skin.

many disises dat don’t exist and two weders dat don’t exist

bolititis, schoolititis, learnytitis, almuaditis, statuatitis, 4-titis, 3-titis, ipodtitis, salmuadatitis, statuatitis, camatities, 3-tititis, treetitis, deportetitis, policiatitis, criminalititis, recyclatitis, salmontitis, readintitis, A-titis, campatitis, pelititis, clasititis, franciatitis, musicatitis, pelotitis, barbatitis, sillatitis, barcotitis, drawititis, computitis, homeworktitis, roomititis, perfumetitis, womentitis, menititis, Y-titis, showtitis, filmtitis, growtitis, confusiontitis, worldtitis, shadowtitis, mousetitis, pokertitis, moneytitis, plantitis, adultitis, teenagetitis, babytitis, childtitis, musictitis, bookytitis , pentitis and pietitis

Gouchitagos and tornitjatos