Scientists need to re-think.


I have a question about astronomy that’s making me desperate to ask. Here it goes, scientists say that time and space was created when the Big-Bang exploded and created the universe, but how did an explosion start without time and space. Because if there wasn’t any time or space before how could something happen, because ¬†when there is no time everything is frozen so nothing can happen, so how did the Big-Bang explode without time or space existing before. So practically my question is how did something occur without time and space? or did the Big-Bang create time and space?. Put your head around this, internet bloggers. You have homework!

How do you prefer your water?


Dirty water

Clean Water

If you want clean water the lets work on getting it clean! It is not impossible but now because of pollution and contamination we have made many sources of water something we can’t drink Water doesn’t reproduce or regenerate (well except for the cycle of rain). But imagine a world without water you tell me how we would live!! If you think this is not a problem it is well but it is not like we’re going to die tomorrow but if we keep contaminating we are going to lose water.

This are things you can do to save water:

1. Recycle water

2. Don’t shower longer than 10 minutes.

3. Don’t use more water than what you need.

4. Tell your friends and family to do the same

5. Don’t throw trash into the water


If you want to know more about this problem ask Al Gore or watch this documentary: An Inconvenient truth



I don’t believe in Aliens. Scientists and astronomers claim that they have proofs that aliens exist. I don’t believe in Aliens because I think Earth is the only place with an atmosphere, oxygen and water. Scientists say that they have found fossils in a rock from Mars. But I will never really know If there’s another living thing in the universe. Because the universe is huge or probably infinite and the human race still hasn’t gone any farther from the Solar system.