Tribute to Ken Regan

Ken Regan was a great photographer and a great man. Even though I didn’t know him very well, the time I spent with him was magical. He taught me a lot about life and photography, he told me about his adventures in war and in filmmaking. Ken Regan was a man with a natural talent of charm and visual art. Ageless, he died on Sunday the 25th of November. He died in dignity and he was happy when he closed his eyes and left our world, he died having done what many can’t do: he died with a complete journey, he accomplished all his dreams and completed what he set out to do. The last time I knew he was sick, but if you truly saw him he was full with life and joy even though he had cancer. I am writing in the memory of Ken Ragan, my friend and my idol.

Tribute to my turtle Humphrey


Well this tribute is for my turtle Humphrey he died 2 days ago. I called my turtle after my favorite actor Humphrey Bogart my turtle Humphrey was such a great turtle he would walk on grass and fell asleep every minute and also Humphrey was very cute. My turtle Humphrey was sick even when the pet store gave it to me it had a very soft shell and also it didn’t eat anything I gave him Vitamin A and also Calcium that what the vets told me to do but unfortunately it did not work. I love how Humphrey always would walk in my arm and tickle me. Well I hope Humphrey rests in peace and also in his magic reptile heaven. I really miss Humphrey but everyone on day has to go. I have no photo of Humphrey but remember Humphrey as the best turtle of all turtles history.

Tribute to my grandpa


I love my Grandpa. Unfortunately he died in 2008 now that I have this blog I would like to thank him for teaching me how to drive a golf car, how to play golf and also how to build. I remember when my dad told me my Grandpa was sick at first I just looked up and then my eyes started getting wet and I started crying. When I came to visit my Grandpa I remember seeing him with an oxygen tank and a tube over his nose. My Grandpa was fragile and shaking and then when I was going to go back home I remember hugging him at his bed and crying over his shoulder I knew he was going to die. Then I think like 3 weeks later my dad called me and he said Glen passed away so I asked my dad “He fainted?” then my dad said no he died. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and then started crying. Glen was a great grandpa and a great man. He taught me a lot of things and also he has made me who I am now. I will always keep my Grandaddy in my heart. I miss you Grandpa. I remember learning how to read with my Grandpa, I also remember making my favorite toy with him. The toy was a giant cardboard box and Grandpa and I cut a mouth on it, some eyes and a nose the we both painted it. Then another time we built a wonderful clay T-rex dinosaur with him. I also remember building with my Grandpa the table of my dad’s and my workshop table. My Grandpa was like a small kid inside of a grown body I love my Grandpa!!!! He was a great engineer. My grandpa was the best!!!!

Thanks Grandpa for everything