Gun Control Laws


I don’t understand why the United States doesn’t have gun-control laws. We always learn from our mistakes, so why hasn’t the United States learned that we need gun-control laws. I think the United States has had enough examples to learn from. For example, the massacre in Columbine and the death of 20 children in Sandy Hook. We also have had suicide,  and the deaths of more than 200 children. Most have died in the act of having household guns. Many children have shot themselves accidentally or shot other people in access to guns. A 3 year old boy accidentally shot himself in the eye when finding a gun under his couch. Also a 12 year old boy playfully pointed a gun at his 11 year old sister accidentally pushing the trigger and killing her. “It is always the unloaded gun that kills”-My Grandpa.


What do you have to say about this?